In October 2003 the staff and students at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School and the Selkirk Community Foundation created the first Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), inspired by a Thomas Sill Foundation grant. To this day the students on the committee – Youth in Philanthropy or “YiPpers” – are responsible for fundraising and for making decisions on where the YIP funds should be donated. Over the years students have donated to everything from griddles for a soup kitchen to floor mats for a family resource centre. As students graduate, new YipPers take over the responsibility of learning what non-profit organizations operate in their community and how they can support them.  The YIP program helps develops social responsibility and a sense of purpose, encouraging students to think deeply about our communities’ real issues. It positively impacts and empowers them to help others.

A list of the “YiPpers” grants can be found in each year’s annual report and on our Grants page.


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