The Selkirk & District Community Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors comprised of community members who serve without remuneration for three-year terms for a maximum of two terms. A nominating committee made up of community leaders outside of the foundation, identify and recommend new board members annually.

A small staff manages the day-to-day activities of the foundation.

Beverley Clegg, Executive Director
Eileen Janowski Finance Manager – Executive Administrative Assistant
Carole Wiedemann Administrative Assistant

Chair: Shauna Curtin
Vice-Chair: David Thorne
Treasurer: Barbara Knoll
Secretary: Greg Dewar
Directors:  Terry Neplyk, Pam Seekings, Brandon Sutherland, Brian Chorney, Bonny Wynnobel

Our founding Chairman was Lewis Wasel and the founding Board of Directors were, William Findlater, Elmer Kuber, Edward Sitarz, Charles Barnard, Dr. M. I. Hussain, Fred Koch, Dawn MacFarlane and Jean Oliver.

Our past board directors include Doug Chorney (2014-2020), Michele Polinuk (2014-2020), Ryan Werbicki (2019-2020), Gord Henrikson (2013-2019), Heather Hogg (2013-2019),Stan Halbesma (2012-2018),Rosalyn Ferguson (2015-2018),Kelly Lewis (2011-2017),Shirley Muir (2010-2016), Bill Bodman (2009-2015), Mark Webster  (2009-2015), Frank Wellink (2008-2014), Ruth Konzelman (2008-2014), Lesli Malegus (2009-2013), Bev Stewart (2007-2013), Michael Buhr (2006-2012), Joe Smolinski (2006-2011), Rob Cox (2005-2010), Gail Bodman (2003-2009), Russ Paradoski (2007-2009), Bud Oliver (2003-2009), Otto Gebhardt (2003-2008), Leslie Hanson (2004-2008), Russ Skalesky (2001-2007), Ray Anderson (2003-2007), Bruce Harris (2001-2006), George Plews (2004-2005), Bob Jefferson (2000 to 2005), Heather Unik (2000 to 2004), Caroline Vandean (2000-2001).

Our past Executive Director was Ray Anderson (2003 to 2005) and our two Coordinators were Del Reid (1997 to 2003) and Ian George (1997).


City of Selkirk Offices
200 Eaton Ave
Selkirk, MB R1A 0W6
T: 204.785.9755

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