In the mid 1990s Selkirk lawyer Lewis Wasel had a firm belief that the people who lived in and around Selkirk had enough community spirit that they could start their own community foundation, not unlike Canada’s first community foundation just down the road at the Winnipeg Foundation.

Wasel, who practiced law in Selkirk for 31 years, liked the community foundation model where all money donated would be held in trust and the principle never spent. Only the interest from the funds would be granted out every year to non-profit groups doing good work in the region. The fund would create a perpetual legacy for years to come.

In 1993 the Thomas Sill Foundation said it would provide any new Manitoba community foundation with $100,000 if it could raise $200,000.

Wasel took up that challenge and as he shopped his idea around Wasel found several Selkirk and area community leaders stepping up to support his vision, chief among them was Dr. M. Ike Hussain who worked at the Selkirk and District General Hospital and local grocery store owners Jim and Betty Anne Gaynor.
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