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Funds to Support

Our caring community has created 65 funds. Search all funds or click on a category below to find a fund you’d like to support. You can also call us and we’ll connect you to a fund that aligns with your hopes and dreams for the community.

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Community Fund

Our Communtiy Fund allows us to provide grants in areas that may not be a match to other funds. No matter which fund you choose, or if you wish to start your own fund, we are Here for Good.

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Community Fund

If taking care of the entire community is your vision, the Community Fund(s) are for you and supports the community’s greatest needs.

Amma’s Bookshelf Fund

Provides the book Goodnight Moon, free, to every child born at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre. The fund is in memory of Eleanor Johnson.

Bob Jefferson/Century 21 Jefferson & Associates Realty Bursary Fund

Supports a graduating student who is interested in a business career, in salesmanship or as an entrepreneur.

Community Fund/Kinsmen, Kinette and K-40 Clubs of Selkirk Fund

Leaves a legacy to fulfill these local (dissolved) service clubs moto “Serving the Communities Greatest Needs”.

Community Fund/Rob Cox Memorial Fund

Shows Rob’s passion and how proud he was of the community he called home – for his entire life.

Community Fund/Jeanne and Dexter Harvey Fund

This caring couple wanted to help a wide variety of community organizations, by creating the fund with a life insurance policy.

Community Fund /Bud & Doreen Oliver Family Fund

These community leaders have chosen the Community Fund, so many different groups from various community sectors can be supported.

Community Fund/Roy & June Gilbart Family Fund

Displays the family’s deep connection to community that will help many different charities within the area.

Chief Peguis Heritage Park Fund

Supports repairs and maintenance at St. Peter Dynevor Old Stone Church in the Anglican Parish of St. Peter Dynevor.

Children’s Programs Fund

Helps organizations and programs that focus on children’s community-based recreation.

Curtis Niemi Legacy Fund

Helps children-based charities connected with sports, books or ones health.

Dare to Dream Education Fund (Nova House)

In support of Nova House Women’s Shelter client who has committed to a violence free lifestyle and is furthering their education for the betterment of themself and their family.

Edith Schofeld Estate (St. Amant Centre)

Created a fund to annually contribute to the St. Amant Centre.

Elizabeth Neskar Bursary Fund

Awarded to a former student of the Happy Thought School (East Selkirk).

Endowment for the Arts Fund

Supports developing local arts programs in various forms such as painting, sculpture, music, literature or dance.

Ernest & Helga Kromrei Memorial Bursary Fund

Awarded to a student who may be pursuing post secondary education in the trade sector

Fred Jensen Memorial Welding Program Bursary

Provided to a student who intends to continue their studies, making them employable in the broader welding industry.

Gaynor Family Education Fund

Multiple awards, both bursaries and scholarships, will be given to students who have demonstrated care for others through involvement in the school and/or the greater community.

Gaynor Family Fund

Established for youth and children’s programs which may support equipment purchases, program delivery, construction or renovation projects.

Gilhuly Memorial Fund

This two-year bursary is awarded to a deserving student, whose intent is to pursue further education in either accounting or pharmacy.

Graeme H. Lowden Memorial Bursary

To support a student who intends to continue their studies in social sciences; political science or related to active democratic citizenship.

Homes for All Fund

Supports social housing, operated by not-for profit organizations such as group homes, homeless shelters, nursing homes, low-income housing and/or housing co-ops

Inclusion Selkirk Futures Fund

Assists Inclusion Selkirk in fulfilling its mission of building an inclusive community.

John Mytz Memorial Fund

Supports general operations, collection management and capital projects, at the Gaynor Family Regional Library

Kirstin’s Walk for Kids Fund

Provides supports to local children’s programs, inspired by Kirstin’s love for children and her moto ‘Let the world be better for you’.

Knights of Columbus Selkirk Council 6150 Education Fund

A bursary awarded to a student who is a practicing member of a Catholic Parish Community within the Lord Selkirk School Division

Lawrence Paquin Estate Fund

Provides assistance to the Gaynor Family Regional Library and the Marine Museum of Manitoba (Selkirk).

Leslie & Marguerite McRae Fund

Contributes to the cemetery fund at the St. George’s Wakefield Anglican Church.

Libri Fund

Supports general operations, collections management and capital projects at the Gaynor Family Regional Library

Local Enviromental Action Fund (LEAF)

Supports environmental issues that are defined as problems with the planet’s natural ecological systems resulting from human interference or activities.

Local Leaders Fund

Helps local organizations deliver services or undertake works that seek to improve the social, economic, environmental or cultural conditions in their community.

Lord Selkirk School Division Scholarship Fund

Will support a number of students, with various scholarships and bursaries, for future post secondary academic learning.

Marine Museum of Manitoba Fund

Contributes to programming, operations or major projects delivered by the Museum.

McLeary Education Fund

A scholarship or bursary will be awarded to a student who has chosen to focus on the medical science field and is intending to continue their studies at the post-secondary level.

McLeary Family Fund

Assists with restoration or repairs at designated Anglican churches in the Selkirk area or to promote healthy lifestyles and community wellness through support of the community facilities.

Michele & Gary Polinuk Fund

Helps community organizations that support programs and projects that encourages and provides opportunities for one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Micky Hannesson Scholarship Fund

A scholarship that is awarded to a student who is intending to continue their studies at the post-secondary level in Commerce.

Mooring-Griffioen Selkirk Library Fund

Supports inter-library loan services and costs, and/or adds to book collections at the Gaynor Family Regional Library.

Olive & Bill, Joseph and Michael Cholosky Music Fund

Provides assistance to community and/or school-based programs that will enhance or develop a music program or may involve a local High School bursary.

Our Daily Bread Endowment Fund

Supports marginalized people with food security through the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.

Pallative Care Fund

Provides support towards equipment or resources that will be help local palliative patients and their families, in the final stages of life.

Parker Sutherland Memorial Fund

A legacy in honour of Parker’s love for family, being on the water, hunting, fishing and the community supporting environmental issues and may be directed to a scholarship award.

Polinuk Family Fund

To support community organizations that deliver programs or projects impacting the well-being of others, in areas such as health and wellness, recreation, aging adults and any type of animal/wildlife welfare or rescue.

Richard & Ruth Konzelman Fund

Supports health education programs, which is defined as any learning experience designed to help individuals or communities improve their health by increasing their knowledge or by influencing their attitudes.

Robert John Jefferson Education Fund

A student will be selected for this scholarship, who intends to continue their studies at the post-secondary level in an education program to pursue teaching career.

RM of St. Andrews Fund

Provides funding towards building maintenance or facility upgrades of existing and future community recreation facilities operating in the R.M. of St Andrews.

RM of St. Clements Fund

Benefits charities and community organizations operating and delivering programs in the R.M. of St. Clements.

SDCF Administration Support Fund – Buhr Family Endowment Initiative

Supports the Foundation’s daily operations and administration

Sean Nicol Legacy Fund

Supports charitable organizations and programs with a social justice focus that may be directed to a bursary award.

Selkirk & District Community Foundation Scholarship

An award in recognition of past SDCF Chairpersons and presented to a deserving graduate who has been involved in community service and will be pursuing post-secondary education.

Selkirk Hospital Fund

The first designated fund created at the SDCF, which supports the Selkirk Regional Health Centre.

Selkirk Accessible Transit Endowment Fund (City of Selkirk)

Helps support accessible transit options for all citizens in Selkirk.

Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund (City of Selkirk)

Created to provide funding to support a future municipal museum (City of Selkirk) or a Selkirk Virtual Museum and may grant to the Marine Museum of Manitoba.

Selkirk Parks Endowment Fund (City of Selkirk)

Ensures that the City of Selkirk’s parks continue to offer the natural spaces, trails, equipment and other amenities for all citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Selkirk Recreation Endowment Fund (City of Selkirk)

Assists in maintaining Selkirk’s many recreation facilities, that will help with replacement costs for equipment, upgrades to dressing rooms and upgrades for accessibility.

Selkirk Rotary Anns Education Bursary

These two bursaries are awarded to two students, who are in good academic standing and have demonstrated care for others through involvement in the school and/or the greater community.

Selkirk Youth Hockey Association Fund

Supports KidSport Manitoba (East), so all kids can play.

Selkirk Youth Hockey Education Fund

Multiple awards will be presented to deserving student that must be a resident of the City of Selkirk while participating in hockey programs within the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association.

Sharon Chanas Memorial Scholarship

Sharon was described as a “force”, with a heart of gold, who connected with all of those around her.  This award will support a student pursuing a career in teaching at a facility of education perferably within the Province of…

St Andrews Airport Aviation Education Fund

Awarded to a student who is intending to continue their studies at the post-secondary level in an aviation or aeronautics program.

St. George’s Anglican Church – Wakefield Fund

Helps deliver the mission of the church, located on Hwy. 9, north of Clandeboye.

Travel Kit Fund

Provides local classrooms and students with learning and cultural opportunities, through travel.

Vicki Cielen Education Fund

Supports multiple bursaries and scholarships where the students have demonstrated care for others through involvement in the school and/or the greater community.

Western Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund

Provides opportunities for the promotion, development and enhancement of leadership of sport within the four host communities of the 2003 Western Canada Summer Games: Selkirk, Beausejour, Stonewall and the R.M of Gimli, or within the Lord Selkirk School Division.

Youth Connections (Youth in Philanthropy)

The Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School receives support, to recognize the Youth in Philanthropy Advisory Committee and Program (now dissolved).